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Unbelievable: Shocking Photos Show Prisoners Lining Up To Snort Cocaine From Table Inside Jail

An inmate shorts a line of cocaine in a mass-drug binge in a prison in southern Brazil

Shocking footage shows dozens of prisoners queuing up to snort 120 lines of cocaine which have been arranged on a table in a jail in southern Brazil.

The excited jailbirds were filmed openly taking drugs in a packed corridor of the prison, located in the city of Porto Alegre, as others queued up in single file behind them.

A small handful of men appeared to be in charge, making sure the noisy prisoners didn’t knock the table over or treat themselves to more than their fair share.

One of the lags even laughed as he posed for one of the inmates holding mobile phones in their hands after his illegal use of the drug.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the drug orgy, said to have taken place during a party organised by one of the gangs that control the jail.

Thirteen men are filmed snorting cocaine from the table – where the drugs are immaculately arranged in six rows of 20 lines of cocaine each.

The 90-second video cuts off when just a handful of the 40-odd men waiting their turn have had their go.

Dozens of lags are pictured queuing up to snort the cocaine

Military police have launched an investigation which is understood to be running parallel to others by prison bosses and a regional drug squad.

Regional drugs squad police chief Mario Souza confirmed:  “We are investigating from the perspective of drugs trafficking.
“We are going to look into questions like when the video was taken as well as confirming the place it was taken in and investigating the context.”

Cezar Schirmer, Public Security Minister for the state of Rio Grande do Sul which Porto Alegre is part of, branded the footage  “unacceptable, provocative and nasty.”

He added in a statement released by his department:  “Cesar Schirmer has ordered a police inquiry to get to the bottom of drugs trafficking and the use of mobile phones in prison, as a result of the publication on social media of a video where inmates are consuming cocaine, supposedly in a state jail.
“The identities of those involved in the recording and the aspects of consumption and drugs trafficking, as well as the entry of drugs and mobiles into prison and the circumstances surrounding this incident and the place and date, are not yet clear.
“They need to be investigated fully and immediately.

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