While a man rummages through a yard in search of an unknown item, the female students who watched him observe their dresses hope he gets arrested before he can escape.

A suspected thief does not know he is being watched as he observed dresses belonging to some female students.


A group of frightened female students at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) are heard in a video hoping help comes soon as they watch a man rummage through a line of clothes for what they believe might be their underwear.

Unknown to him, they watch him from their hostel as he makes his search through the glare of a CCTV camera
The day of the incident is on Saturday, November 24, 2018, from the time stamp on a television screen.
As the suspected thief move around hoping to complete his mission, the female undergraduates nurture hope of a timely response from security agents
the police force have issued out a statement concerning this case and the safety of the girls in the hostel while the university authorities are said to be trying their best in order to prevent such incident from repeating itself.   

the identity of the suspect was sent by an anonymous user claiming to know the individual in the video, as further investigations are going on to determine the authenticity of this information 

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