Code for checking NIN on Airtel – How To Retrieve Your NIN on Airtel With USSD Code

Good news to all Airtel users, on this page, I will be guiding you on you can check your NIN on Airtel Network with USSD Code, this step is easy, less time-consuming, and also fast that you only need to dial a certain line of code and your NIN Number will be sent as an SMS, Kindly read carefully.

Code for checking NIN on Airtel and How To Retrieve Your NIN on Airtel Network

If you are an Airtel user and need the code to retrieve or check your NIN  (National Identification Number} then we got you on this article. Airtel has made it easier for all customers to be able to check NIN on Airtel by dialing a simple shortcode which i will be explaining how before the end on this article.

About NIN (National Identification Number)

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique number remitted to all Nigerian residents and prison citizens within side the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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USSD Code to Check your NIN on Airtel 

To check your NIN on Airtel SIM cards using Airtel USSD Code, Kindly follow the below steps:

  • With Your Mobile Phone
  • Dial *346#
  • Select “NIN retrieval” which is option (1)
  • Your NIN number will be displayed on your screen.

Note that a charge of N20 will be made for this process to be successful, So i advise you to ensure you have at least N20 before performing this transaction.

USSD Code to Link NIN on Airtel SIM 

To link your NIN on Airtel SIM via USSD Code kindly follow the steps below:

  • Copy your 11-digit NIN number
  • Kindly Dial *121*1# using your Airtel line
  • On dialing the USSD code your NIN will be linked to the Airtel SIM card automatically.
  • You have successfully Updated your NIN on your Airtel SIM card.

How to Link NIN on Airtel SIM Through the Airtel NIN portal

To link your NIN through the Airetl NIN Portal, kindly follow the step below

  • Visit the NIN Official portal via
  • INPUT your 11-digit Airtel phone number in the Box that will be provided
  • Click on “Proceed”
  • An OTP code will be sent to your link for confirmation, enter the OTP code into the required space.Npower recruitment
  • Input your National Identification Number into the space provided
  • You have successfully linked your NIN.

Other important things you need to know about NIN :

Can I check my NIN number online?

You cannot check your NIN online from any platform. At the moment, there is no platform that allows you to check your NIN number online, don’t be deceived by scammers and click belters that may provide a link to check your NIN online, some do this to obtain or steal your valuable information from you so don’t be deceived. You can only do this through the SIM that the NIN was registered with.

How do I Get my NIN?

You can get your NIN by going through the pre-enrolment on NIMC’s website and then proceed to the Physical office for capture and complete your registration for those who have done the registration but forgot their PIN , simply dial *364# on the registered line to retrieve your NIN number, Good luck.


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