Grab it, this is the latest free browsing for your etisalat and guess what this cheat works with 0.00Naira which means you don’t have to subscribe to any data before before you have to make it happen.

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Note: Every mike tyson get his owinn holyfield, this cheat might take long to connect so endeavor to chill till the time it connects ,after connecting launch your browser and browse with mbps as low as 200kb/s tested and confirmed

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Make sure you have zero naira on your Etisalat line and configure your psiphon handler with

Proxy type- Reverse proxy

Proxy server- use or

Click save and tunnel whole device the move to option and select USA as region and click more option

Check connect through HTTP and then Tick Use System Settings

Close and move to your phone settings

Create a new apn with

Apn- etisalat
Use Any Of The Below Proxy And Port



Open your psiphon handler and wait till it connect

How To Use This Cheat With New Syphon Shield

This application only replace your old psiphon settings all you have to do is to configure above settings with your normal psiphon handler then

Download syphonsheild101 here

And update it.

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1st  Method:

.Make sure you don’t have any suscription either the Etisalat chat pack
or social pak if you have one then opt out of it.
Navigate to your phone access point name and create new apn with

Name: Use Your Name
Apn: etisalat
Proxy :
Port: 8080

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Download Psiphon Handler and configure handler with

Tick remove port
Under The X online Host
Use Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Type : Default
Real Proxy Server: Leave Blank
Real Proxy Port: 80

Bang on save and a pop up will be shown just select tunnel whole device

On the handler home select Options and chose either USA or Best Performance as your region

After selecting your region hit more option
Then tick/check Connect through an HTTP below it also ☑ check use The following settings and configure

Host Adress:
Port: 8080
Or Better
Port: 3128

Now back to the homepage and Connect

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Note: As  said earlier this cheat take long to connect therefore the endure with the time, once it connects enjoy surfing and downloading

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