Learn How To Activate The Airtel 40GB for 5000, Step by Step Guide 

Learn How To Activate The Airtel 40GB for 5000 | Step by Step Guide 

Alot have been asking and searching on How to subscribe and Activate the Airtel 40GB for 5k and below is a step by step guide on how to to do that easily and successfully, so carefully read this article to understand how you can get this Airtel 40GB Data plan.

About Airtel :

Bharti Airtel Limited which we all know as Airtel Telecommunications Company, is an Indian global broadcast communications administrations organization situated in New Delhi. It works in 18 nations across South Asia and Africa, as well as the Channel Islands. As of now, Airtel gives 4G and 4G+, Most of us living around Nigeria also use it in our different cell phones and modems and Routers.

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In this article, I will be guiding you on how you can activate the Airtel 40GB for 5 thousand naira, so relax as I will be Guiding you step by step.

Note: The Airtel 5k for 40GB is limited numbers of Airtel users, so you need to check for eligiblity before proceeding with this Data Plan, Below is how to check if your Airtel number is eligible for the Airtel 40GB Plan for five thousand Naira.

How To Know If You Are Eligible For Airtel’s 5k Naira for 40GB Plan

As I said earlier above, this plan isn’t really available to all subscribers. We can also say it’s like a reward or bonus , available to certain set of Airtel subscribers.

To check your eligibility kindly follow the below step:

  1. Simple Dial *141#
  2. Enter 2 to navigate to the My Area Tab
  3. Check through to see if there is a 5000 Naira for 40GB data plan

Steps To Subscribe to The Airtel’s 40GB For 5000 Naira

Below are simple by step guide to apply for the Airtel Data plan:

  1. Simply Dial *141#
  2. Enter 2 to navigate to the My Area Tab
  3. Enter 5 in the input tab to select 5000 Naira for 40GB data plan

Do you have any questions on How To Activate The Airtel 40GB for 5000 , kindly leave a comment below, we will be glad to guide you through, do not forget to share this with friends and family too.


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