Name:Oyindamola buremoh kikelomo

DEPARTMENT:History and international studies



Home town:Kwara State




BioData:… I am oyindamola from the the university of ilorin(UNILORIN)

and also one of the contestant in the ongoing “miss unilorin” pagent. I am the princess of my village and a very dedicated model. I am a very friendly person who likes to socialize with people and also feels a greet need to help the needy as a way of showing my appreciation to GOD for the wonderful life he has given me(with a nice face lol)… am kinda like a very crazy,fun-person who appreciates life every day by thanking God and goofing off when happy and with my close friends. Basically,am a fun,loving person #peace



HIGHVIBEX:What are your hobbies?

Miss Oyin:I love to dance(twerk *smiles*),I also fancy reading because it helps me in certain aspect of my life,I don’t read any how books.. mostly,I read poems,magazine,comics and blog post(lol). I also love skating and hanging out with friends

HIGHVIBEX:You said you like reading and it helps you in your life… can you enlighten us

Miss Oyin:reading is fun when what you are reading actually relates to your personal life. I once read a book,of a young girl who actually worked really hard to become successful… well she didn’t(lol) but it taught me is that,not everything you hope for in life will actually come through but the important thing is to keep believing in yourself,work hard,pray very well and all will work out well for those that believe.

HIGHVIBEX:Wow.that was amazing… I think,I’ve learnt something from you. Moving on. What inspired you to become a model

Miss Oyin:i see modeling as a way of expressing oneself. To me modeling is an “art” am a great fan of art and someone who likes challenges and a very committed one at facing them. Me as an African lady just want to accomplish one thing… that is to inspire and aspire the young and growing ladies of these present age to fight for what they believe in and not to be intimidated by any one as young girls of nowadays are being molested,beaten and even worse… me as a Nigerian lady would like to give these young girls a voice, and would like to stand up for the younger girls of the coming generation.

HIGHVIBEX:what are the qualities or attribute you posses that makes you so unique… coz,I can see you are.

Miss Oyin:am bold,beautiful(verified),smart,brave and above all.. am  not afraid of any challenge as I face threats head on and never back down. I see “Miss Unilorin” as an opportunity to showcase myself as one of the most brave,dedicated and loving lady of all time… and don’t forget,fun time person and I think it will be nice to have a real princess as “miss unilorin”



UNILORIN finest… Miss Oyin contesting for the “Miss Unilorin Awards” have just told us more about herself and her personal life,I think you’ll agree with me that she’s the one.. the right person for UNILORIN. Support her and like her pictures on “the miss unilorin”instagram page

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