Meet the beautiful ladies contesting for the crown of “Miss Unilorin”… These ladies have taken time out of the university study schedule to contest in order to represent the university as an icon, a public figure and it’s face. No woman is perfect but every woman is unique in a different way, Meet the Bold, Beautiful, Brave and Intellectually gifted ladies that are willing to be more…. They are the contestants for the ” Miss Unilorin ” title
¶CampusVibe24:Contestants interview|
°Full Name: Olowodola Oluwafumbi

°Age: 17years

°Department: Educational Technology

°State: Kogi state

°Skills: I am a good listener and an energetic person and can make people laugh when they are down.

°Reasons for contesting for miss Unilorin: My reason for contesting is to find other girls who share similar standards and visions for their lives And learn how not only to celebrate other women’s victories, but also how to encourage others when I am victorious.

°Bio(describe your self): I am determined, tough and passionate. I believe that in anything you do, you have to be determined to do your best and persevere through any struggle. I am tough. I smile through the pain, that’s just who I am. Finally, and most importantly, I am passionate about anything I do. If you love what you do, it shows, and you spread positivity to others. I love who I am and God has truly blessed me.

°Ambitions: To become one of the best radio host in Africa.

°Why you think you can win:  why I think I can win is because I promise to fulfill my responsibility to perfection. While doing so, I will strive to be a mirror to all the aspirants and those around me in the university.

°What encouragement did you get to contest for miss Unilorin : Encouragement that have made me stay in the contest till this very day.

°Why you want to win: The reason I want to  win is because I will make a great titleholder. To me a great titleholder understands that that being a queen is a job and part of my job description is to actively and creatively promote this pageant. So if I were to be chosen, I would bring more awareness to this pageant and to the university of ilorin by actively recruiting girls to try to win my crown next year and help promote self awareness.

°How do you feel contesting for “miss Unilorin”: Elated and scared because anything can happen.

°What advantage do you think you have over others, contesting : I believe that every contestant is unique and different among others. As a contestant, I think that my edge over the others is  I always have positive thinking and attitude.

°What can be your greatest contribution to the community? My greatest contribution to the community is to join charity missions, seminars and pageants just like this one to help build women that can lead the community and have better self-esteem.

°What do you like most about yourself? What I like most about myself is how caring and strong I can be even when things aren’t so good and that I am a straight forward person, I say it as it is.

°What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life? My philosophy in life is to respect and gain respect, to become a person that can be approached to help the students in the University with whatever problem they have.

 °What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant? The essence of winning this pageant is for the people of the University of Ilorin mostly the females in the school and also to have someone at any point in time who can represent the University.

°How could you convince the readers and voters that you deserve the title? I could convince the readers and voters that I deserve the title Miss Unilorin 2017 by showing how truly I’m going to use my position to help the students in Unilorin.

°If you will be winning the crown what will be the very first thing you will do? If I will be crowned Miss Unilorin 2017, the first thing I would do is give praises to our creator God because I’d not for him I wouldn’t be where I am today.

°What is the essence of a woman? The essence of a woman is to become a mother who is able to bring up her child in the part of the Lord and build them up to be great and caring people.

°What constitutes true beauty? True beauty constitutes from what sticks in people’s minds and hearts is something different, something special. An encounter with true beauty is a moment you will never forget.”For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

°Describe a beauty queen? A beauty queen is someone who sees beyond her physical attributes and she is someone with a pure heart and soul.

°If you do not win, what will be your reaction: First of all I would congratulate the winner but I would be sad about it and still remain very strong because this pageantry has opened my eyes to so many gates and that you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one thing.

°What has been your greatest achievement so far? My greatest achievements so far is becoming a candidate for Miss Unilorin 2017. I believe it’s a way of showing how decent and dignified I can show myself to the people of Unilorin.

°What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageantry? I have missed classes and I haven’t spent time with my friends as much as I used too.But at the end of the day it would be necessary investments and it would be worth it to be able to triumph contests such as this.

°How will you make a difference in this world? I will make a difference in the world by making a difference in myself for the better, I will consider the people I see everyday, I will always put on a smile and get involved in the world.
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¶CampusVibe24:Contestants interview|
°Full Name- I’m Miss ROSELYN JACOBS

°Age- I’m 21 years old
°Department- Geography and environmental management
°State- kwara state
°Skills- I sing, I write and I’ve got good leadership skills
°Reasons for going for miss Unilorin- I’m not contesting on this platform based on my looks alone but because I’ve got more than just mere pulchritude.
I know the responsibilities that comes with being the face of this institution and I want to assure you that I’ve got the brains to match and also the attributes of a virtuous woman.
I’m well versed with boldness and I’ve got good leadership skills to protect and uphold Gender Equality and I also promise I won’t be a shame or stain to this precious platform.
°Bio(describe your self)- Miss ROSELYN JACOBS is a student of the University of ilorin, an event planner and an aspiring hostess and designer.
She’s easy going, friendly, down to earth, fun to be with and accommodating.
When she isn’t glued to the computer screen, she spends time reading, planning events and marketing her business.
You can reach her at
°Ambitions- Being an hostess and an environmentalist.
°Why you think you can win- I’ve got all it takes to be a beauty queen.
°What encouragement did you get to contest for miss Unilorin- I was determined, I got support from family and friends and I know it’s a fair competition.
°Why you want to win- I know I’m the best person who could wear the crown
°How do you feel contesting for “miss Unilorin”- it’s been enlightening and fun. It has also allowed me to discover so much about myself.
°What is your edge over the other candidates? –  I know I’m better in all ramifications.
°What can be your greatest contribution to the community?- uplifting young minds by organizing entrepreneurship and skill acquisition programs to improve their standard of living.
°What do you like most about yourself? There’s nothing not to like about myself because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
°What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life?- Integrity and loyalty.
 °What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant?- To make a difference and affect young minds in positive ways.
°How could you convince the readers and voters that you deserve the title? By being real and making them see my true self.
°If you will be winning the crown what will be the very first thing you will do?- I’ll start by building a good relationship with people in order to know what they really want from me as their queen.
°What is the essence of a woman?- A woman is life; she gives life, nurtures life and also an epitome of all the good things that life brings.
°What constitutes true beauty? – I’ll say good character constitutes true beauty.
°Describe a beauty queen?- A woman in her prime, who is always at her best.
°If you do not win, what will be your reaction. –  “Even when I lose I’m winning”  I’ll always be happy.
°What has been your greatest achievement so far?- Being able to combine entrepreneurship with my academics.
°What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageantry?- I’ve sacrificed my Time, Emotions and money.
°How will you make a difference in this world?- By being myself and doing what a great leader does; serving others.
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¶CampusVibe24:Contestants Interview|
°Name-Elugoke oluwadasolami Esther

°State-Osun state
°Skills-Sewing and cooking
°Reasons for going for Miss Unilorin-To change the face of womanhood and modelling positively
°Bio-I am a tall,dark,slim,beautiful young lady who lives a simple life,aspires to be a very successful and independent person
°Ambition-To be a successful and well known chemist,To be an outstanding model and a philantropist
°Why you think you can win-I think I can win because I believe in myself,I have a very high self esteem,I am real and confident
°What encouragement did you get to contest for miss Unilorin-I got encouragement from people around me telling me to be the voice of womanhood and be an examplary woman
°Why you want to win-I want to win because I want to want make a positive difference and also be the voice of young ladies like my self
°How do you feel contesting for miss Unilorin title-I feel fufilled,happy and satisfied
What is your edge over other contestants-My self esteem
°What can be your greatest contribution to the community-To start up a charity foundation
°What do you like most about yourself-My level of confidence
°What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life-All that glitters is not gold
°What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant-To be a role model to others and impact in them positive values
°How can you convince the readers and voters that you deserve this title- am 100% real and confident as I have earlier said and it takes a confident person to partake in this.
°If you will be winning the crown, what will be the very first thing you will do-I will try my very best to put an end to child abuse in the community as it is the girl child that is mostly affected
°What is the essence of a woman-To bear children,take care of the home and be a pillar of support to her husband/family
°What constitutes true beauty-Character,intergrity,charisma,personalty,self respect and respect for others
°Describe a beauty Queen-A beauty queen is a confident and selfless lady with a true heart, and an outstanding leadership trait
°if you don’t win, what will be your reaction-I will feel bad but not cast down
°What will be your greatest achievement so far-starting up a small charity home
°What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageantry-I sacrificed the whole of my time; skipping classes,missing mid week service,spending little or no time with my friends
°How will you make a difference in this world-By attaining great heights and carrying other females along with me showing them it is possible to fufill their dreams and attain any position they desire

¶CampusVibe24:contestants interview|

°Skills- Singing, motivational speaking, knitting and bead making.
°Reasons for contesting for “Miss UNILORIN”- The reason I’m contesting for miss unilorin is because I have a passion for modeling. It has been something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t until now. Another reason is to work on myself, become perfect in what I do and above all enjoy it and become a source of encouragement to people.
°Bio-  I’m calm, morally upright, confident, I believe things can always be done the right way, I love to be heard, I’m beautiful, I’m a smart worker and I’m intelligent.
°Ambition- I’d love to be a  television or radio presenter, a motivational speaker and an example to people.
°Why you think you can win- I think I can win because I have what it takes to. The charisma, confidence, character, the mindset of a winner. Above all, I think I can win because I’ve been taught all I need to know to win this pageantry, all I need do is to apply them in every round of the competition.
°What encouragement did you get- Firstly, my mum encouraged me. When I told her about the competition, she didn’t flare up as some parents will, and she didn’t tell me to forget about it and face my studies. She told me if I wanted it, then I had her support and I still have it. Secondly, my friends. They kept pushing and spreading that I’m contesting. For me, that’s the biggest encouragement I’ve had so far.
°Why you want to win- I’d love to win because aside being beautiful, intelligent, smart and charismatic, there’s a whole lot to be done. I’d love to win so I can help people grow and discover themselves as I have in this pageantry.
°How do you feel contesting for miss. Unilorin- I feel very glad I finally accepted to take part in this competition. I feel there’s a whole lot waiting for me out there and I know there’s a whole lot I can venture into from here. Basically, I’m really HAPPY!
°What is your edge over the other contestants- Many people want things but may not be ready for those things. I’m prepared for this competition. My family and friends support me and that alone I’m grateful for. Well, that’s the edge I have over others.
°Your greatest contributions to the community- The greatest contribution I can give the community is to support entrepreneurship projects and seminars that can help improve the youths in the community, thereby giving them assurance and a chance to showcase themselves in any way they can.
°What do you like most about yourself- What I like most about myself is my ability to think outside the box. This I give credits to my brain because it is what defines my ideology, what I think, believe, it defines my IQ(intelligence quotient) and beauty.
°What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life-The value I hold dearest in life is my self-esteem. I refuse to let situations define and get the better part of me, and I refuse to be put down by people.
°What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant-For me, the essence of winning this competition is to represent the university the best way I can, be someone that people can look up to and to give them a reason to believe in themselves even when their circumstances don’t.

°How can you convince readers and voters that you deserve this title- The only way I can convince the readers that I deserve this title is by showing them that I’m capable of being the spearhead of the pageantry and also telling them that I have ideas that could become realities.
°If you would be winning the crown, what will be the very first thing you would do- I’d be really grateful to God because it could only have been possible with Him. So yes! That’d be the very first thing I’d do
°What is the essence of a woman- The essence of a woman is the beauty in her soul.  It doesn’t have to be in her body, perfect figure or her face, but the values embedded in her mind and heart.
°What constitutes true beauty- True beauty people say, is every person’s face without make up and Brazilian hair. But for me, Beauty is in a person’s ideology, thinking capability, charisma and character, as the yorubas’ will say, iwa le wa – beauty is in character.
°Describe a beauty Queen- A beauty queen is someone who understands the concept of true beauty. She is someone who carries herself with so much self-worth, esteem and is a model to people.
°if you don’t win, what will be your reaction- I can’t possibly cry, neither will I consider myself as a loser. This competition has taught me what I need for the basics of pageantry. If I do not win, I already have experience which would make me more fit for any pageantry competition I decide to go for.
°what have been your greatest achievement so far- I’ve been able to help certain people change wrong ideologies about life, women, being depent and allowing their circumstances or conditions define them
°What are the sacrifices you have made for this competition- Well, I was able to leave being ‘enclosed’ . Before the competition, I didn’t have to go for rehearsals, dance meetings and training. I know my leaving it was necessary so I could be properly groomed for the competition which indeed is for the greater good.
°How will you make a difference in this world-By standing on what I believe in which is being the best wherever I find myself, doing what is right, not letting people and situations let one down, being independent and to also make young ladies understand that the essence of a woman isn’t in giving birth, ending up in the kitchen or the other room.
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¶CampusVibe24:Contestants interview|
°Full Name…sinmiloluwa Williams

°Age…twenty two
°Department….mass communication
°State…kwara state
°Skills…event anchor…compere..presenting.. Writing…public speaking
°Reasons for contesting for miss Unilorin…I HV a passion and natural flair for modelling
°Bio(describe your self)iamasi
°Ambitions.I want to leave legacies behind that generations will remember me for. I want to impact lives for goodand  a force to be reckoned with
°Why you think you can win…I think I can win because I dared to try..that’s boldness which is a remarkable virtue
°What encouragement did you get to contest for miss Unilorin…I urged me to contest
°Why you want to win..I want to win because I need a platform that will foster my commitment to helping young girls become great in life. Also because its going to project me forward in mycareer
°How do you feel contesting for “miss Unilorin”…I am elated n euphoric. Very excited to see how it pans out.
°What advantage do you think you have over others, contesting..I HV this inner drive to overcome whatever may present itself as an obstacle.
°What can be your greatest contribution to the community?giving back to them through philanthropic gestures..
°What do you like most about yourself?I like my Height..dentition and my resilience
°What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life? Life is whatever you make of it. No one is to be blamed for how you turn out but yourself
 °What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant? I think the essence of pageantry is to assign beautiful ladies to a noble cause which is what i plan to do when I win
°How could you convince the readers and voters that you deserve the title?
°If you will be winning the crown what will be the very first thing you will do? I may run around screaming for awhile
°What is the essence of a woman?  To Nurture..protect and build up
°What constitutes true beauty? True beauty is being confident in who you are and what you are about. It’s also loving yourself…flaws and all
°Describe a beauty queen? she is one with the heart of gold..the will of an iron..sound moral rectitude…purposeful… And has the grace ..poise nd Charisma of a true born royalty
°If you do not win, what will be your reaction…I will accept my fate and remain undaunted in the pursuit of my dream of becoming a beauty Queen
°What has been your greatest achievement so far?  figuring out my purpose on this earth
°What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageantry?stabbing lectures…church obligations too which saps my slim resources
°How will you make a difference in this world?
I pioneer a noble cause which will cater to the needs of people…starting from the grass immediate community

¶CampusVibe24:Contestant interview|
1. Abubakry Hadeeyhat       Sumisola.

2. 22years of age.
3. Social work.
4. Kwara state.
5. Acting.
6. To change the face of beauty pageantry.
7. Hadeeyhat Hamzat Abubakry sumisola by name,in my twenty’s, second born in family of 5.
  I attended Al-Huda Nur&Pry School and had my ssce in Wisdom-las Sec.School at Ejigbo Lagos state in the year 2011.Also during my stay before I gained admission, I learnt Hairmaking and am presently an undergraduate in the university of Ilorin studying social work, 300level to be precised!
8. Will like to be a professional social worker,always be at the need of the society!
9. Because I possess the characteristics of a beauty queen.
10. Self Motivation that am capable of being the next miss unilorin!
11. The reason is to dispute the negative thought that most people have against participants in beauty pageant that they are irreligious and irresponsible!
12. I feel good about it because it reveals another capacity of me!
13. Smiles,Being a covered chick!
14.Sowing seeds in people’s live
15. Being a  real and modest lady.
16. My dignity as a lady matters a lot!
17.To form an avenue for edutainment in our able school unilorin, in combination of education, religion as well as fashion.
18. I can possibly convince them with the confidence I have in myself and through my modesty.
19.I will create a platform to advocate on behalf of we women on the challenges we face and educate beyond beauty!
20. To be a woman is more than just flowery clothing,a long skirt,earrings and makeup but the ability to show affection to man and birth children.
21. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.what may be beautiful to one may not be to the next person.Therefore, it is almost impossible to answer such question without sounding biased!
22.A beauty queen has to be someone who possess these following qualities:Beauty, charisma,confidence, good walk as well as helpful,responsible, entrepreneurial,modest,original and positive.
23. Smiles,I will act strong and take it as a challenge and a worthy experience!
24. Privileged to be on school!
25. Money,Time and Energy.
26.By touching people’s live positively!

¶CampusVibe24:™Director Interview|
*°Full name* igbalaye Orly Victor

*°Profession* Model,trainer,actor
*°What this competition entails*
*°Describe a beauty queen* A beauty queen is not just a beautiful woman with a nice figure, no, A beauty queen has the trait of confidence,humbleness likeliness of God. It also constitutes cleanliness of body and spirit, purity of heart and soul, and goodness of actions and deeds.
*°What encouragement do you give to this models* Well one of the things I noticed while they were entering the competition was that they have a lot to learn,and I tell them Hard work pays, luck should never be underestimated, natural talent never hurts nobody and also apart from winning, the training process is an avenue to learn important lesson that if they plan to aim higher In life they would need it and most importantly,always go for the Golden crown
*°Bio* Orly actual name, victor olumyiwa Nathan igbalaye
Use to act before entering the modelling industry in 2010 did the whole Nigerian major fashion shows except for lfdw (Lagos fashion and design week) and that was cause they refuse to pay in 2016,model of the year house of twitch United Kingdom.Nominated all Nigerian university crest award 2017 model of the year, Face of ecowas Fashion Week 2014,hum,whatelse,did Accra fashion show, SA Fashion Week 2013 , shoot with mia atafo, Mon Amie, steveray, chucks Collins, kaduchi, Mustafa, am an economics 400level student, social director of faculty of social science, university of ilorin ,creative director miss fosssa 2016,co-chaperon miss unilorin2016, chaperon face of engineering 2016 ,chaperon miss unilorin 2017.and on a low till after graduation

*°What is the purpose for this competition* Just like athletes contestants in beauty pageants train to win the gold, they learn to control their nerves, they train to present themselves the best, they train for different aspects of the competition like talent, culture, dancing, catwalk, entrepreneurs skill, they are supposed to be fluent, charismatic and intelligent and they train for these as well which boils them to make a good role model for the female hood of university of ilorin
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