Nigeria’s Top Insurance Companies List for 2022

Assets don’t last a lifetime. Through the course of their usage, they can only support one.

There is a time limit on everything in life. However, strategies for extending the food supply have been discovered, and one of them is insurance.

For the typical man, this is undoubtedly nothing new. A pricey vehicle might entirely fall apart. Even if the damage is beyond repair, if it is covered, a replacement may be possible sooner or later.

Insurance operates in such a manner. Security over assets is created via insurance. Own a piece of property, and have it documented and protected.

Insurance in Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation in development. She is gaining knowledge and moving through the steps necessary to participate in modern society.

Although the insurance law was established quite some time ago (2nd millennia before Christ, The Chinese, Indian, and Babylonian traders engaged in methods of distributing risks.) In Nigeria, insurance was first offered in 1958.

N.B. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin founded the country’s first insurance firm.

European innovations were used by Nigeria’s earliest-founded insurance firms. The Royal Exchange Assurance Agency is one illustration.

The European institutions established Nigerian subordinate companies after Nigeria attained independence. Nevertheless, there was a problem with this new development.

The earnings were being transferred out of the nation and into the parent businesses’ accounts in Europe. The swift action of the Nigerian government aided in the establishment of state-owned insurance companies.

This sparked the expansion of domestic private insurance companies. The National Insurance Commission was established in 1997 as a result of the Nigerian government’s standardization of the insurance sector.

Leading Insurance Firms in Nigeria

  • AIICO Insurance Plc.

  • Leadway Assurance

  • Cornerstone Insurance Plc

  • African Alliance Insurance Plc

  • Consolidated Hallmark Assurance

  • Chrome Insurance Limited

  • Great Nigeria Insurance Plc

  • Industrial and General Insurance

  • Linkage Insurance

  • Roseat Insurance Brokers

  • Pentacle Insurance Brokers

  • Royal Exchange Assurance Plc

  • Intentional Energy Insurance Plc

  • Capital Express Assurance Limited

  • Regency Alliance Insurance


Of course, Nigeria is home to a large number of other insurance firms. There are numerous additional cities across the nation. The ones indicated above, however, have been categorized based on their infrastructure and activity levels.

The fact that a person has insurance on their property does not imply that they are planning for the worst.

Anyone who is alive, moving, and inaction must always have a backup plan. It pays to have a backup plan at all times, particularly when tragedy is imminent.

Disasters occur frequently, thus everyone should be encouraged to take all reasonable precautions to protect themselves.

Even if someone had accomplished a lot, it wouldn’t matter if they had nothing to show for their hardships.

Many people would prefer to make investments in real estate. They barely think about the potential pitfalls of having numerous properties without security. On the whole, looking for money is not a terrible idea. However, a backup plan needs to be created.

Protect what you already own and what you still have to acquire. Humans should proceed slowly in life because it is a process; there is no reason to rush.

In addition to securing their belongings, people ought to try to secure their loved ones in particular. Should a serious, sad catastrophe occur, the only tears cried would be those of losing a loved one? It would not be due to worries about a pierced future.



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