On my way to the park I got a call from kemi,I cut it and called her back(To be single is bad,did all this for her cos I wanted a hot girlfriend so bad and wanted to prove to kemi I was a Stan-Guy). Then she asked me if I was home,I told her that was about to leave school then she told me to call her when I got home cos she was feeling lonely and wanted to see me. I walked very fast to the park,luckily for me I saw my room mate which I explained everything to,he laughed at me and He then gave me 1k and promised not to come back home early(Thank Jesus) The only problem I had now was shunting to get home quick. After waiting for like 35mins in the park I finally got a taxi to go home,On getting to my destination I called kemi that she should come and meet me where she saw me in the morning,so I waited for her until after 7mins or so before I finally saw kemi!(Didn’t mind cos she was sexy A/F) so we started going to my place together when I put my hand around her shoulders and some guys were just staring at us(felt like a boss controlling that kinda girl)On getting to my place,she was like nice place and then she sat on the bed and I connected my laptop to my 45inches plasma tv(oh yeah,a 45inches plasma,ladies can come and confirm it).any ways I played “Game Of Thrones” for her to watch(I love that movie,great “turn on” for girls)while watching and talking she then came to lie with me and just as she did,soon after I said something funny and she laughed and kissed me and I started grinding her,I then took off her top and bra(was about to loose my virginity)after like 2mins she asked me if it was my first time,I said no then she said she thought it was my first time cos I still had my trousers on,I took it off immediately, without using condom I entered!

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