lecture,kemi,then told me she wanted to hang out with me cos her friend was going to see her boyfriend then hannah joined us and the conversation started when I asked what she liked doing(shouldn’t have asked that with another girl around)she said she liked watching korean movies then hannah mention one korean movie like this “Our Mothers Daughter”that was how I made them friends oh!,they just kept talking about this movie and I couldn’t join in on the conversation cos I hate korean movies I just kept walking around with them till we found were to sit,they didn’t even care about me,after like some minutes hannah,asked me why I was being quiet,then I told them that I hated korean movies,then,they both started comparing korean films to films like,the originals,fast and furious7,immortals and empire(can you even imagine… hot girls have shallow brain) we all talked and laughed for a while then kemi said she had to go back to her hostel to eat but as a big boy I told her that she should not worry that we should go and eat in “Sister biggs”(unilorin’s eatery) then hannah with her small brain like her b.obs asked me that how will I sponsor them after loosing my money,then I told her that the money I lost was small that I could still afford to sponsor 5people(dope lie!**big grin**) so we all went to eat,I just kept on praying that one of those boys hannah talks to will just come and carry her out cos I had only 8hundred with me and had never eaten there before but heard it expensive and wanted to show kemi that I might not have a car yet but I gart money baby!!! Didn’t even say anything to the both of them and the worst part was no one even called me(was really scared of embarrassing myself cos can’t allow any girl to pay for the food I bought)On getting there hannah greeted this boy(I thought my prayers were answered) but kemi said we should wait for her.***light bulb*** I then said that let me go in and buy the food down so she agreed and waited for hannah.On getting inside I went to meet the guy selling the food and he ask how much food do I want to buy,I told him how much own will b okay for me,he then said 2hundred and I told him 2plates of rice (4hundred) and one meat in each, making 5hundred.and then they entered and saw two plates and asked if I wouldn’t eat,I said I hate eating outside food and kemi was like why do men hate eating outside(she called me a man.. WasHappy af) that her Dad also hates eating outside then hannah ohh,said won’t I even take drink or I don’t like taking drink outside too,so I smiled and got up to go get a drink when kemi said she wants malt(seriously,wanted to slap her)then hannah said she would take a coke and the drinks they sold were just one hundred naira each and I had only 3Hundred naira with me,didn’t want to fall my hand so i bought drinks for the 3 of us and not minding how I’ll get home that day cos the bank was far and the queue at the bank was always very long.After they had finish eating we started moving around when someOne called hannah 2mins after she had spent my money,that they should meet,so she left me and kemi,so we went back to our faculty to see what was going on when we met lola on the way,then the course rep just came and said no more lectures for the day again(Blood of jesus!!)Lola then convinced kemi to go back to her hostel with her then I just told her goodbye as they were discussing about it and walk away,she didn’t even call me back to hug me self!.. But i wasn’t in the mood at all cos it was almost 4 and bank will soon close and I had no transport to even go to bank and withdraw and no atm card and couldn’t walk to the bank cos it was very far. I went to the s.u.b(student union building) to plan on how to go home.on getting there I spent mins thinking and finally fell asleep there. By the time I would wake up it was already 5:35 so I just got up and started walking to the car park.the plan was that I would enter the cab and stop before my destination,pretend like I was looking for the money and wait till the road was clear before I cross so I could run like hell,Honestly,that was the intention I b had on my way to the park,didn’t care about what people would say,so then main thing was to sit at the back,close to the door

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