The Next day… I was very… let’s just say I have never been that scared of waking up and moving out before because of what happened the night before. I had lecturers 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm that day,but had no intention of going for those lectures that day. So I stayed home and unfortunately for me my room mate came home around 9am and told me I had to leave the room for him cos he was expecting his babe(God,I know you just want to punish me for having sex)The worst part was that I didn’t know anyWhere else to go,except school so I told my room mate Dave that I’ll wait till his babe comes before I leave,and luckily for me he agreed. So,we started talking about campus Till when he finally asked me about my night (the niq’uh wanted detains).but not to disappoint my guy, I told him what he wanted to Hear that(I said the girl was so on point my pointed towards her #BadGuy). Dave was impressed and gave me a “high five”(Not knowing the actual story)later on as we were talking about stuffs.. Dave got up and said he was going out to get some food stuffs and beverages so his girl would cook what we were going to eat that day. 20mins later I heard a knock at the door and behold it was Dave’s girl(she was the most stunning creature I have ever seen which made me wonder were girls like her,stayed on campus cos I don’t see any)
So,I welcomed her and ask if she wanted any thing to eat or drink but she declined in a rude manner(then I said to myself”I was never going to get a girl like that”.I don’t have that luck)so,I told her I was heading to school and she said,a gentle man is not suppose to leave a lady all alone(What tha Fvck!)I told her,I didn’t understand,that her boyfriend would soon be back,then she giggled and said that I should stay with her till he gets back,because she was Dave’s girl I had to wait and be a gentle man(Screw it! It was because she was pretty!).Then we started talking and she asked if I knew any where fun around,then I told her that I didn’t,that I don’t really go out. And she offered to take me to “Shop-rite” the coming Saturday to watch a movie. I said it’ll we be cool to finally go out with someOne pretty,she laughed(I smiled) and then I remembered,she was my room-mate’s girl(oh shit!)Things started to hit up when she started asking me personal questions like”Am I single??”Was just about to answer the question when Dave walked into the room(shit!) So I left immediately on my way I started to regret not collecting her number cos if I ask Dave for it,it won’t be cool.

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