Inside the cab,I put on my headset and started listening to beats and free-styling to them when this guy tapped me and asked if it was a free-style or had composed it before,Not to brag I told him it was a free-style and he liked it, and told me he was a producer(was very happy,forgetting what had happened between me and kemi and why I needed to avoid her)he gave me his number(+234 902 014 0224 for production and dope clothings).I got to campus around 11:30 and went straight to my lecture room on the way I remembered the name “Kemi” and fear gripped my heart cos,After what we did she didn’t say a thing to me maybe because it was my first time and I only spent minutes(won’t tell you how long I spent,cos.. Fvck it! It was my first time,didn’t know I was suppose to spend more time)I begged kemi to let me walk her home,before she finally agreed. When walking home she didn’t even say any thing,then I blew it by asking stupid questions like(was it bad??,did I try… #FeltAshamedLaterOn)I finally walked her to her hostel when she just walked into the gate and didn’t even say a word to me,what kept going through my mind was that,she would tell her friends and they might also tell their friends and it’ll keep spreading till no girl on campus will ever want me as a boyfriend again(To be inexperienced is bad! Or God just wanted to punish me???)I tried her number that night to ask,what was wrong,I left her 17missed calls due to curiosity and nostalgia for more sex!She was my first,didn’t just want to let her go like that,I thought it would have meant something to her tho!…
On getting to the lecture room,I stood at the back and spotted Kemi right away,mins later she looked back due to the rumblings coming from the back by idiots without brains. As she looked back(her friend lola,also looked too)she saw me,Then after our eyes met I had to choice than to wave(Big mistake!)As soon as I waved,her stupid,shallow Friend “lola” burst into laughter(I felt so ashamed)then one fool,stepped on my shoes and then I lost it,I pushed him in raged,which almost caused a fight when we started shouting at each other before some guys came to take me out of the lecture room(The Fact was,He would have beaten me silly #AhSwear)but,because of the anger in me,I didn’t care if he could beat me. Then outside the lecture room,I started getting pep-talk from boys in my department(Guys that we aren’t on the same level,My day just became worst!)At this point,I wanted to drop out of “Unilorin” because life there,wasn’t fun for me at all,University had turned against me and all my plans and thoughts on how the university would be like weren’t or seemed impossible. While getting pep-talk from those dudes,the guy I wanted to fight with,came out and started telling me what I did was wrong,that he wanted to apologise when I pushed him,that if we had fought,we both,could have gotten expelled from the university

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