different girls at will and now I can’t even get a girl to dance with not to talk of grinding her).after talking for like 10mins she was like she wanted to leave(maybe I was boring,I didn’t know but didn’t want her to leave cos I want to do something with her)so I convinced her to follow me to my place so we can study,she reluctantly agreed(was on cloud9) as we were leaving this dumb niq’uh standing in front of his car just called her and she answered,its not as if the car was that fine self ohh,just one stupid “S.u.v” mtcheww!. After waiting for her for like 20mins she then came and told me to go home that the guy was talking her to her hostel that we can always read in school together(Honest to God,I wanted to die,was just wishing I could fly or disappear)was really embarrassed but she hugged me and promised to call me. On my way out,I remembered that she doesn’t have my number cos when I called her line,it was off so I went back to give her the number and to my biggest surprise this hoe was still at the picnic dancing with the car niq’uh.. I got angry and started looking for another girl in the picnic to dance with,while doing my search this two girls walked in with a guy(Thank you jesus)so immediately the guy asked one of them to dance as soon as they were going I just walked to the second girl and begged her to dance with her and she smiled and agreed,while dancing we talked small and she said she’s  in my department that she sees me a lot. Dancing with this girl was mad!! She just kept on giving me the a*s and I kinda used my hand to squeeze her b.obs(don’t know why I did that tho) after like a minute of squeezing,she said she wanted to sit that she was tired(another stabbing for the day again)so i went to get  chairs for the both of us to sit on,On purpose I  got one chair so she’d sit on my laps(my d!ck was doing the thinking)so,I told her it was only one I could get,then I told her I would lap her and she was like,we just met,then I told her to sit that I will stand. Any-ways she said we should just sit together and I agreed after talking for like 12mins(she did all the talking)she just kept telling me about her life and stuff which I was not interested in,she was a very sweet,nice and pretty girl whose b.obs were bigger than her a*s(which I loved by the way)and she was kinda big,didn’t matter. This girl’s name was “kemi” … Her friend and the guy who came with them came to tell her that they wanted to go home so,she gave me her number(I didn’t ask for it)and she told me to call her that night so we could talk,I walked her out and she held my hand(it was nice). The next week,On monday morning when I was looking for a taxi to take me to school when i heard someOne call my name from behind and behold it was kemi!!!!but she was with her friend ,then she came and hugged me and introduced me to her friend,so we all started talking about school then this dude drove and parked in our front and said only the girls should enter(what a douche!)Lola,kemi’s friend entered and told kemi to come and enter that they will see me in school,kemi then asked me if she could enter and as a cool guy I said yes,then she entered and waved(at this point I wanted a car badly so this kinda thing won’t happen again but,life keeps fvck’inq us,guys without car over.)I kept thinking of ways to make money so I’d get my own car didn’t even try to stop a taxi for like 30mins cos of the embarrassment,finally one of my niq’uhs came to meet me that we should walk forward till we get a cab,we finally got a taxi and got to school late tho but kemi had already kept sit for me in the hall,the funny thing was that hannah sat near kemi and I was to sit in the middle of kemi and hannah(lord have mercy)I went to sit tho but didn’t smile at all which made kemi ask if I was angry that she left me for a guy with a car(I mean,who talks like that… Smh kemi!!!)But I said “no” that I lost money that morning then hannah brought out 2k and said I should take since I lost my money(ahswear to God that girl hates me,how will she embarrass me like that,what does she take me for)Refused it and lola was like why am I fronting that she’s just tryna be nice to me,then I told her that the money I lost wasn’t that much that I’ll still go to bank to get money(then God Sent the lecturer into the hall right on time)so the conversation died(I love You jesus)

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