The best mobile apps for loans in Nigeria (Android & iPhone)

These apps are given permission to view your private bank information, but they won’t do anything unless you give them permission. Every loan application included here has a separate policy for how it provides loans to people.

1. PalmCredit

After correctly entering all the required information, you can apply for a loan using the virtual lending app Palmcredit. This app, which offers tempting interest to everyone who borrows money from them, is perhaps the most okay loan app in Nigeria.

Make sure you have all the information you used to open your bank account with you before registering with palm credit. If all of your credentials are accurate, you will be authorized right away and be able to take out loans between N1000 and N100,000. However, in most circumstances, the specific loan amount you can ask for depends heavily on your account history.

2. Branch

Branch is now my favourite loan application in Nigeria because you don’t have to provide all of your personal bank information to get authorized. You can get authorized in a matter of minutes with just your name and account number, and it takes less than 30 minutes for the loan to post to your account.

You can apply for small loans with Branch ranging from N1000 to N150,000, but the quicker you repay your loan, the more quickly you can apply for larger loans. One of the greatest lending apps in Nigeria, and it really simplifies things for users.

3. Fairmoney

On the other hand, Fairmoney is a fantastic loan app to keep an eye out for; it’s one of the quickest ways to have cash in hand when one is in financial difficulty. Fairmoney makes it simple to receive the extra money you need when you truly need it, whether you are a student or a company owner.

You may simply get loans from Fairmoney, and the repayment period ranges from one to six months. No specific information is required when enrolling; just make sure you have what they require, and you’re good to go. You can always rely on Fairmoney, which has established itself as one of the top lending apps in Nigeria.

4. Quickcheck Loan App

The quickest loan system in Nigeria is provided by Quickcheck; if you find yourself in need of money quickly due to an unforeseen circumstance, all you need to do is download the app on your Android device and provide them with the necessary information. You can also register by using a social media account. Quickcheck is the ideal option if you require lending software that offers both bigger and smaller loans.

As Quickcheck bases its lending decisions on credit scores, once you register with them, you can expect to receive a sizable loan, ranging from N30,000 to N200,000. Although low credit scores may reduce your chances of receiving a loan with a large amount, you can still receive a sizeable sum of money overall.

5. Carbon (Paylater)

One of the user-friendly loan apps in Nigeria is Carbon, also known as Paylater. In addition to offering certain add-ons, it also allows you to invest in their investing platform and earn a 15% return on your investments. You can easily apply for short-term loans with Carbon.

When looking for the top loan applications in Nigeria, we discovered that Carbon is more than just a loan app; it’s also an investment platform, and you can use the app to pay any bills you need to pay. When looking for the top loan apps in Nigeria, never be reluctant to install Carbon on your Android device.

6. Aella Credit

One of the top loan apps in Africa and Nigeria has proven to be Aella Credit, whose main goal is to ensure that every employee or business owner can access additional funding when they need it. It’s simple to apply for a loan with Aella Credit; all you need to provide is your name and a few forms of identification.

In Nigeria, Aella Credit may be your best bet for achieving financial success because they provide assistance in the most straightforward manner possible, making it easy for you to obtain a loan from them. You can submit an application for a loan and receive an answer quickly.

7. Asap Loan Finder

Asap Loan Finder is quite different from the group of applications mentioned before in that you cannot borrow money from it, but you may use it to find loan opportunities. With the use of this app, you can easily apply for some of the best loan deals available in Nigeria.

Asap Loan Finder is a highly resourceful tool that will locate all loan offers that are available in Nigeria. You can then apply for any of the offers that are suitable for you.

8. QuickBucks

The Access Bank Instant Loan Application is called QuickBucks. Both Access Bank customers and non-customers can download the app. Payday loans, salary advance loans, small-ticket personal loans, gadget finance loans, auto financing loans, and mortgage loans are all available through QuickBucks.

This app’s key features include the ability to log in with either your email address or phone number and password, fingerprint authentication for faster login, a comprehensive view of all eligible loan facilities, and the capability to view nearby points of interest like supermarkets, bank branches, and shop conveniently without any hassle.


After reading this post, you’ll no doubt come across one or two loan applications to test out. Now that you don’t have to worry about disappointments, you can apply for a loan with any of these loan apps whenever you need money right away. Keep in mind that the earlier you pay, the greater your chances are of being approved for a loan with a higher amount; these loan apps are the best in Nigeria and they are always reliable.

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